Software license price list

In combination with our dedicated servers and VPS, we offer various licenses at affordable prices.

Webserver Control Panel

  • VestaCP premium commercial plugins: free of charge!
  • DirectAdmin (unlimited users/domains): € 5.00/month
  • Plesk Web Admin (10 domains): € 7.70/month
  • Plesk Web Pro (30 domains): € 11.55/month
  • Plesk Web Host (∞ domains): € 19.25/month (VPS)
    Plesk Web Host (∞ domains): € 34.65/month (dedicated)

Webserver Addons

  • Softaculous auto web-app install: € 1.00/month (VPS)
    Softaculous auto web-app install: € 2.00/month (dedicated)
  • CloudLinux (Enterprise CentOS): € 12.50/month

You can order your preferred license(s) by contacting our sales department.


With each server, we can provide a free premium VestaCP license upon request. With that you will get these commercial VestaCP plugins for free!

  • sftp chroot (prevent user accounts from using SSH and lets users only access their own directory via (S)FTP)
  • premium file manager via the user interface

VestaCP can be extended with Softaculous (automatically install web applications like WordPress and hundreds of other applications in a few clicks).

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